I was born in Milan, Italy in 1973 in a family of artists; when I was 10 we moved to Assisi, Umbria where I grew up in the middle of the woods, olive trees and animals, breathing dust in my father’s sculptor’s studio. I’ve always been painting and started professionalizing at the age of 13 preparing the technical drawing boards of my schoolmates for 5 thousand Italian Lire each. I also worked with oil, acrylic, illustration and ceramic, but today I mainly work with watercolor, which I particularly love for its endless games of encounter between water and color.



2022 – IWM  International Watercolor Masters, World Contest, Merit Award 

2021 – Monza in Acquarello

2021 –  International Watercolor Exhibition, Niigata, Japan

2021 – International Watercolor Online Contest and Exhibition “Through the Water” IWS Argentina

2021 – Indonesia International Watercolor Online Competition and Exhibition

2020 – 2nd Universal Watercolor Exposition, IMWA, China

2020 – BAG International Online Water Color Competition, Silver Category

2020 – Urbino In Acquerello International Watercolor Festival, Italy

2020 – Fabriano In Acquarello International Watercolor Festival, Italy

2020 – Fifth Place Monza International Contest, Monza In Acquarello

2019 – Fabriano In Acquarello International Watercolor Festival, Italy

2019 – InWatercolor 10th edition Itinerant collection, worldwide

2019 – Selected for the collection of the International Watercolor Museum, Fabriano, Italy

2019 – 3rd International Watercolor Biennale in Vietnam

2019 – 2nd International Watercolor Triennial in Varna, Bulgaria

2019 – Italian Visual Arts Exhibition of UCAI, Moscow

2019 – Watercolor Art Zurich 2019, Gallerie Kunst Zuerich Sued

2019 – 3rd International Watercolour Festival in Castra, Slovenia

2019 – Selected for the Premio Tlàloc 2019, México

2019 – 1st Olympiart Exhibition 2019, India

2019 – Appreciation Award in the 3rd International Watercolor Contest, Abu Rawash Prize

2019 – Finalist of the International Watercolor Exhibition in Cagliari, Italy

2018 – Solo Exhibition “People” in Assisi, Italy

2018 – Finalist of the International Watercolor Exhibition in Cagliari, Italy

2018 – Collective Exhibition in Farfa, (Rome)

I love nature and plein air painting!

Serra San Quirico 2020

Venice 2019

Venice 2019

Tuscany Val d'Orcia 2020

Rome 2019

Venice 2019


IWM Merit Award